ParadoxThe Paradox

Writing, like human existence, is a baffling set of contradictions. Here, at The Writing Paradox, we strive to understand them. And by understand them, I mean ponder them until our brains shatter. With lucky, the fragments will come out in interesting shapes.

_Jesse-056-EditThe Writer

My name is Jesse LaJeunesse. That’s my picture to the left, with the crooked nose, the prematurely bald head, and the awkward charm. I’m hoping two self deprecating statements will let me get away with that last one.

Before I was a writer, I was a chef. Before I was a chef, I was a writer. I’ve always been a writer, and I’ll always be a chef, even though no one pays me to cook anymore. I started this blog because I just couldn’t keep baffling collections of words like that to myself anymore.

If you want to pay me to write baffling collections of words for you, head over to my freelance site at Jesselajeunesse.com.


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