A single step is infinitely greater than zero steps. If all you had was a single dollar and a time machine, you could easily become a millionaire though compound interest. But if you had zero dollars and a time machine, you’d still be broke, and you’d be forced to sell the universe’s only time machine.

The hardest thing in the world is to get started. Motivation is the underlying key to every single action you take or desire to take. In lab experiments when the part of the brain that governs motivation is nullified in rodent test subjects, they invariably fail to finish their novels or launch their freelance writing careers.

You never know what is going to get you motivated. Here are a few pieces of practical advice or inspiration. Take a look. You might just find what you need.

Dream of a Thousand Words
The dream your writing longs to become.

The Only Important Step
All of the others are decorative.

Writing, Reality, and the Mountain Top
Sometimes all you want is to be rejected.

Writing From Nothing
Going from zero to one.

No One Knows How To Do Anything (And Why That’s a Very Good Thing)
No one knows what they’re doing, so go ahead and get started!

The Procrastination Trigger
Are you a True Procrastinator? Do you Have A Problem? Only one way to find out.

Time Left For Stories
You can’t really value your brain until you watch someone else’s fading away.


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