Writing Tips

Tips and advice on why some writing works and some doesn’t, and how you can make yours better. Many of these tips are informed by cognitive psychology and behavioral economics.

What Old Timey Photography Can Teach You About Writing
Let an insight from brain science show you how to craft scenes people will remember.

When Writing Isn’t Like Oxygen
Some writers wake up in the morning with a burning passion to write. Just because you don’t do that doesn’t mean you can’t be a great writer.

Automatic Creativity
How and why taking a shower always gives you great ideas.

Automatic Creativity In Action
Practical techniques for using automaticity to be more creative.

We Never Get Tired of Murder
Why are there so many cop shows and murder mysteries? There has to be a reason!

Are You Too Creative To Come Up With Ideas?
You might not even realize it.

These Are Not Your Friends
You might think they empower you by helping you focus on your strengths, but these habits are not your friends.


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